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1) Hell's Kitchen. I'm glad that guy Dave won. I've only watched this season and last, and this season, and overall, I'd say they had a horrible pool to pick from this season. 

But Dave...! The guy busted his arm and hung through some bad pain to keep up his dream. I sort of wonder if he'd have felt he had to prove more he he'd had both working arms, but even before he busted himself, I don't remember him getting screamed at by Ramsey. That...never happens.LOL. Congrats to him!

2)BLEACH! OMG, the plot's moving again. We got Ichigo, Rukia, shots of Renji and Chad, and Rukia is the only female thus far that seems to have handled herself in a battle without needing a man to avenge her (O HI THAR, Mashiro and Hiyori). The only big surprise is the lack of shippy inferences from fandom, given how long it's been since they shared a scene together, but it really didn't warrent it, and I'm glad.

Some people apparently think the character development of Ichigo needing to protect his friends get in the way of him wanting to kill and stuff. Um, I'm sorry, but WHAT?! If his friends and family weren't in danger...what would be the point of fighting? He's always wanted to get stronger to protect those around him, and that was well before he ever met Rukia. Talk about missing the point completely. He goes too far (as the Lust Arc demonstrates), but I trhink he'll have to find a balance, and soon.

I didn't think my fandom week could get any better until this news for Y&R came out just over an hour ago. For those not into soaps, this actor's been on for almost three decades, but thanks to his popularity, the character's become copletely unlikeable because he can't NEVER LOSE. Not to his family, not to anyone. His need for revenge got his granddaughter brain damaged and his goddaughter killed recently, and he's never apologized for the former. He's told his ex-wife he wishes she were dead because her husband and his new pregnant wife were in a car together that careened off the road and killed them both, and somehow this was her fault. :? And she still goes to bat for this fucker. I can't wait until his goes and we can get stories that DON'T make him the center of this show anymore.

Between all that and finally getting my Navy application sent though, it's been a good day today. *nods*
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