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Seriously. I've seen a lot of fanart/fanfic for this pairing, and I have no idea how this has gotten so popular for two characters that (to my knowledge) haven't met in canon.

Not that I judge people's preferences; in fact, Bleach has one of the most diverse samplings of couplings of any fandom I've been in, other shipper bullshit aside, but I'm just a bit...surprised, is all. *is unsure*

I'm not sure how man of you on my Flist watch soaps, but I'm sure just about everyone has a mother or grandmother that followed the classic "stories", like As The World Turns, The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives or Guilding Light.

The last of that list is ending it's run after 72 years today. The finale has already aired as I typed this. While I never got the chance to watch that show since it didn't air in the Sacramento market, that the mother of soaps is ending is pretty damning to the genre that's been in slow decline over the last decade. I hear stories of head writers that don't give a shit, fan favorite pairings being shoved off to the side because of race or sexual orientation, and a lack of continuity that would make the idiots that ran Star Trek into the ground feel shame.

I did have a rant to plan out, but as it would use too many fandom specific examples to site out, I'll just say that if you haven't watch a soap in about...say five years, I doubt you'll even recognize most of the characters personality wise or casting wise. As The World Turns is getting saddled with one of the writers being blamed for stories that helped kill Guiding Light. That, along with another headwritwer that ran an NBC soap into the ground 9 years ago and was fired from All My Children for sagging ratings spell nothing good for that show, and I suspect I'll be lamenting over that show's demise on Sept 17th, 2010.

Ugh. It's such a shame that the genre passes headwriters around like Swine Flu--some, who even admit they have a love-hate relationship with what they write about. That's just...what are the words for that? Even the bad fanfic writers have some enjoyment about what they write about. And these guys get paid for this? Once the last of the soaps is over and done with, who else in Hollywood will have them? Talk about cutting your nose to spite your face.

Hopefully, ATWT's inevitable cancellation with pave the way for The Bold and the Beautiful becoming an hour-long show. For all it's flaws, there's at least attempts at romance, and I don't have to watch SL's involving gaslighting a pregnant woman to stab her husband and brother in the back, only pseudo-incest and women sleeping their way through whole families.*

*It's a fandom thing. :/
First off, let me give a welcome to the new friends I've added recently in the last week (If I forgot to friend you back from the new meme, let me know. My mind's been a scattered mess lately, so it probably just slipped my mind).  I hope to have some more fun and light-hearted posts up in the next few days.

Secondly, as those of you who have kept up with [livejournal.com profile] senkaimon know, my other computer recently crashed and I have barely had time to get out to the library. That's also not been the only thing going on.Personal stuff cut for lenght and possible TLDR )

So with that in mind, I'm asking if there is anyone on my F-list (or the comm, if you were directed from there) who would like to help run this contest. And by that, I mean actively co-run or possibly take over if in the event that I'm completely taken away from the computer. I'm looking for someone who is not currently taking part of the contest or have already been eliminated to leave my master list with in the event that I'm gone from my computer for longer than a week, and to send out emails/PMs if it's getting late in a round to ask what's up. I can made that person or people a maintainer so that if they need to post a voting thread in my absence, I'll still be able to read the screened comments (I'm pretty sure, right? I have no mod experience outside of this board!) to verify voting for myself.

I don't intend to just walk away unless I absolutely have to, but I really have to look after my health, and the days of late-night Web browsing are gonna have to be a thing of the past. I'll make an effort to get online in the mornings before work, but that isn't always possible,and I'm really trying to get this contest to run as smoothly as possible, because I really like the people I've come to find as a result of this contest.

Thank you all for being so understanding.

Between this new filler arc and [personal profile] ravens_rising 's last post about wanting more AUs for her favorite pairing, I just got the BEST FUKKEN IDEA for a Bleach AU.

A Mirror Universe.
Hopefully, someone else with more free time could take this concept and run with it, 'cuase if Unohana scares the shit out of the 11th division now, can oyu imagine if she had the Shinigami equalievnt of the Agony Booth?

And of course, Byakuya would have a goatee, since he's the closest thing to a Vulcan character on this show. Actually, I think I do want THAt, at least :D

I found this site called cellsea where you can create your own ringtone (since Magix has never worked on my Vista computer) and thus created a ton of ringtones. The make-up includes Four from Bleach, one from NANA, the infamous "Chichi wo Moge" song from Zatch Bell, one from "Eureka 7" and a different single from Homemade Kazoku (The same people that sing Bleach's second ending).

I'll probably have a few more up tomorrow.

Secondly...OMG, someone finally filled this request I made! I'm surprised that I haven't run into this, since it seems the type of plot that would write itself with their history and all. Yay, anon memes :) And now, I thik I'll eventually write the idea on this I had in my own mind with such lovely inspiration.

Thirdly, I don't know if anyone on my Flist is familiar with either the Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl and/or School Days fandom, but this is hilarious. And now I want to watch School Days so I can better appriciate this character of Matoko. (The author also runs fiveminute.net , which contains five minute versions of many things sci-fi including Star Trek, Star Wars and a few other series)

Ah, I think that's everything I want to pimp out for right now. With my family life in chaos, I don't feel like the usual fandom/fanfic ran but to focus on the good in life.
If you haven't voted yet for this latest round, better get to it. That should be about five of you.

For those of you that aren't members of [livejournal.com profile] senkaimon  , there's currently a thread going on for fanfiction recs. If you've got good fics you've found and want to recommend them to the word, then come on down! I've trying to simulate posting as much as I can, and this is as good a reason to get started.


Jul. 23rd, 2009 01:53 pm
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WHY is it so damn hard to find one damn person who knows anything about the Job Corps?

No, scratch that. Why is it so hard to find a balanced review of the Job Corps that isn't all "HURR THIS PLACE SUX"? Of course it's not all fun and games, idiots. You're there to work and make a better life for yourself.Even more frustrating is most people IRL that I know don't know anyone who's gone through the program, assuming they've even heard of the program at all. I couldn't even find an active comm for this on fucking MySpace.


The lack of communities out there for those having gone through this training is ridiculous.

But seriously, I've just discovered Byakuya's my favorite character to write fo, which is wierd since he's not my fave character in the series. *is unsure*. Maybe I just like stoic characters, as a wrote tons of fic with Tuvok and T'Pol (Vulcan characters from Star Treks Voyager and Enterprise, respectively) when I was in those fandoms. In any case, it's a fic that came to mind months ago, and after some tweaking, I finally posted it, with [personal profile] ravens_rising 's help.

Anyway, info:
Title:The Talk
Pairings:Implied Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: PG-13 for hinted subject matter (Like you didn't know from the title! :P)
Characters: Our favorite Kuchiki siblings
Word Count: 1054
Summary: Byakuya gives his sister some valuable information.

Disclaimer: Bleach is not mine.

This was so much more amusing when Isshin Kurosaki did this.  )

X-posted to the usual places.
Fic:Order and Chaos
Rating:Nc-17, for sure.
Summary: He's his polar opposite, and yet he gives him the release he so desires.
Written for a request in the new [profile] bleachkink_meme (which outs another fic I wrote in the last one, too, but oh, well). The prompt was about Byakuya pleasuring himself and the person catches him and helps him finish. the requester was cool with anyone, but really wanted Kenpachi, and hey...there isn't enough of that pairing anywhere. So I has done it. :D

I'm pretty proud of this fic. I'd written smut that was bland at best in my last fandom and never attempted full-on slash before. So if anything's off, apologies. :P

I cleaned up a few typos and awkward parts a bit for this one.

Disclaimer: Bleach is KT's, not mine. KTHNX.
He supposes if he goes along with these thoughts then perhaps they will leave him alone and Byakuya can go back to pretending he never had them. )
X-posted everywhere.

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Hehe. At the Target I work for, there's three of us at the Front Lanes who all have boxers. And we are all, like, nuts about them. My supervisior especially treats his like his baby. A few months ago, he showed us a picture of our boxer that looked like the splitting image of mine. Granted, boxiers (especially fawns like mine) look pretty similar, but this was like O_O. the other day, my boss took a picture of Roxie (my dog) with a spiked collar on, and texted it to his wife and she texted him back quite angrily asking what the hell did he put on their dog. XD

Anyway, he was visiting his friend that lives across the street from us when I took Roxie out for her walk, and he just so happened to have his boxer Raider with him. And OH WOW, did they look alike! I wish I had a picture to show the resemblance...they looked alike like Mikako and Miwako (or Rukia and Hisana  or Yami and Yuugi for the non-Ai Yazawa fluent amoung my Flist) do.

Then, being curious, I asked him where he got his dog from. Turns out he bought her from the same breeder we did, and they happen to have the same parents. XD TLDR; my dog met her sister today. Talk about a small world. I kind of did wonder that when I saw the photo of Raider months ago, but never thought they'd actually be related.

Ah, like sands through the hourglass....
Whoo boy, I think [livejournal.com profile] senkaimon  's seen more traffic the past 12 hours than it has in it's entire conception :D (That's a good thing!) And all the fics for this round really, really rock. If you're into Chad/Ichigo or just like slash, you may want to take a gander here. It was nice to have good fics to read after...the last post :/ XD

I really enjoy doing this, and I've gotten a better apprication for Chad as a character. It's difficult to write for quiet characters, especially one who, now that I've noticed, hasn't been particularly well-developed beyond being another Ichigo cheerleader. Not too long ago at [livejournal.com profile] bleachness , debbbiechan remakred how he's been comapred as this show's Krillin for years. I don't watch DBZ and don't have a clue who the character is, but if that's code for "Sidekick who doesn't get showcased nearly as much as he should have," it's damn time Kubo remedied that. And then get to doing something about Isshin's backstory plz, kthnxbye

I'm even more glad that thus far no one's flaked out at the last minute (the only person who stepped down having RL health issues), which means I won't have to eliminate too many pairings off my list...so more fun and goodies in the later rounds *Evil grins*

Dear specific writer.... ) 
I'll be off writing my own Ren/Karin fic to counter-act this fuckery, KTHNXBYE.

Icon is related to my interests. (I love that icon so much)
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This has got to be my favorite Author's Note ever in any fanfic:

Author’s notes: I cannot believe it has taken me this many days and this many words just to write a story about getting a very large cock into a very small ass.

Taken  from this Chard/Ishida + Renji fic called "So The Last Time I Went to the Living World" (NWS, but if you love yaoi, awkward situations, foot-long cocks HI THAR CHAD and want a laugh, PLEASE READ!)

I should do a fanfic rec thread in the future, but this was so awesome I had to share with my F-list.

I have never done drabbles before the ten drabble meme hit Lj like whoa, and I had such fun writing them! I have three requests, plus two that came to me later, but figured I'd wait until I got these three done first.

Comments on the writing process )

TLDR, it be tiem 4 fics now, Y/Y?

Mai/Jou for margerydaw_s2 )

Seto/Mokuba for starsplinter )

Shunsui/Ukitake for ravens_rising )

And to end things on a light note:

Ichigo, the ever-worrying brother )

I still have six more requests to go, if anyone wants more :)

 Comments and critiques welcomed, before I repost these on other comms.

Wait, what?

Jun. 1st, 2009 11:18 pm
So apparently, no comms for Renji only exists. Seriously WTF, Bleach fandom?

(I wish I had a paid account, because my icons just don't cut it sometimes).

And since I've already posted something... )

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So, after the epic meltdown following the publication of Breaking Dawn, I find out about the Twilight series. And about how much people either love this book to death or want to wipe their asses with it when they tired of reading it.

Cut for spoilers, in case someone is readin this book. And my apologies to anyone who is a fan of this series. )

TLDR. I do feel bad for the fans who found the last book to be a kick in the gut. I know what that's like to have a finale that comes out of completely nowhere and tanks everything about the series that you loved.

Either way, I'm glad my friend is big into the vampire genre, so I didn't have to pay a dime to SMeyer or wait two years at the public library for a copy.

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So I got to see the new Trek movie on Sunday. First time I've ever gotten to watch a Trek movie in the theatre (something I didn't think I'd have the chance to do after the dismal failure of "Nemesis"), and I gotta say it was pretty cool.
Good and not-so-great points, with some slight spoilers )

Also, I ship Kirk/Spock now, kthnxsbye.

(I hope someone replies to this post, cuz I really loves discussion me some Trek!)

Since it's obvious the first thing people think of with KaiRuki is "Damn, those two are a riot!"

KaiRuki + Gackt + Creative Editing + reading Undertow over 9000 times this weekend = This. I'm only sorry I couldn't find a way to work this scene into it.

Will be posting this to [livejournal.com profile] capslock_bleach  later. I'm just...oh my. O_O



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