Feb. 10th, 2015 07:18 pm
kari_izumi: (I approve)
How have I NOT joined this place sooner?'s been my mainstay for posting fanfic since sophomore year of high school (!), but actually allows people to download stories to their phones and stuff. The layout is awesome sauce, allowing for multiple tags, multiple charcater/pairing options. You can even save a draft of a story withotu posting for up to 30 days--which is great, since I had one to post on Valentine's day and will be on duty and away from my house, so I can hit the "submit" button from a computer on the ship.

And also, I can frigging download those wonderful but long stories that I'll not want to sit up on a computer to read, such as The Roots of Heaven and that Winter War AU that's been the only fic still updated on [ profile] kurosaki_clinic these days.

I assume most of you may have accounts over there, but if not, I can't recommend it enough, and will be more than happy to send invites!
I found this site called cellsea where you can create your own ringtone (since Magix has never worked on my Vista computer) and thus created a ton of ringtones. The make-up includes Four from Bleach, one from NANA, the infamous "Chichi wo Moge" song from Zatch Bell, one from "Eureka 7" and a different single from Homemade Kazoku (The same people that sing Bleach's second ending).

I'll probably have a few more up tomorrow.

Secondly...OMG, someone finally filled this request I made! I'm surprised that I haven't run into this, since it seems the type of plot that would write itself with their history and all. Yay, anon memes :) And now, I thik I'll eventually write the idea on this I had in my own mind with such lovely inspiration.

Thirdly, I don't know if anyone on my Flist is familiar with either the Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl and/or School Days fandom, but this is hilarious. And now I want to watch School Days so I can better appriciate this character of Matoko. (The author also runs , which contains five minute versions of many things sci-fi including Star Trek, Star Wars and a few other series)

Ah, I think that's everything I want to pimp out for right now. With my family life in chaos, I don't feel like the usual fandom/fanfic ran but to focus on the good in life.



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