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So some backstory on me, since I realize I've never talked much about myself in this journal: A long time ago, I was into Trek--mostly, the newer series Enterprise that aired on UPN and was cancelled after four seasons for low ratings. My first fanfics were on that series and Voyager--most of it stuff that I would snark on GAFF or [profile] badfic_quotes now if I'd not written it. The last one I  wrote was in 2004, and the last time I was a regualr poster at my main Trek board was early last year.

But all that in mind, I did have a random thought pop into mind a few days ago--in the 22 to 24th centuries where so many Star Trek series take place...could a Death Note kill a non-human, like a Vulcan or a Romulan? *is unsure* Vulcans and their 200 earth-year life spans would be a big power-up to any Shinigami, no?

 I remember reading somewhere that the author of the series had considered the idea of the Death Note taking many forms over the course of human history such as a scroll for ancient Japan, or something resembling the Old Testament in Medieval Europe. It isn't that much of a stretch to think that the rules could be amended to be a bit more inclusive, if need be, since with many non-humans moving in, there are that many moving out and all over the galaxy, and I doubt the Shinigami who are too lazy to write simple names in a book would be willing to fly out into space to kill humans.

God, I wish more Trek fans knew of this series. I think this is by far one of my better ideas for a Trek fanfic...moreso than the horrid Archer/T'Pol stuff I used to write.



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