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I'll be off writing my own Ren/Karin fic to counter-act this fuckery, KTHNXBYE.

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Being a dumbass, I decided to take a peek at's Bleach forum sections, and into the shipper foray. This fandom's known for it's shipper wank, and I knew that having to see at least three or four IchiRuki trolls fly through Fanfic Rants to piss and moan about people shipping Ichigo/Orihime.

This rant, however, isn't about that, but of one comment I read concerning Byakuya/Rukia.

I gotta love how stupid fandom is, and even moreso when shipping's thrown in the mix. I wished there was a comm called ship_quotes or something along the lines of [profile] badfic_quotes where I could post the many stupid things I've read in my various fandoms where shipping's concerned (Biggest offenders on that list would be Harry Potter, Star Trek Enterprise, Digimon, NANA, Bleach, and Yugioh in that order).  Being a GAFFer, I know I'm not alone in those sentiments on crazy ass fans, although for the most part Bleach's Wacky Shipper Hijinx(tm) seem to be contained in threads/comms designed for that purpose. At the height of Enterprise's popularity it was all but impossible to avoid this, and I even remember seeing a thread on warp nacells turn into a shipper pissfest. Warp. Fucking. Nacelles.


There does seem to be some hope. In NANA fandom, the rabid Reira bashers seemed to have calmed down like whoa after last month's release. Now here's a character that I could completely understand fans not liking, but people go on to Make Shit Up(TM), and even more irritatingly, give her other partner in crime Takumi a free pass. Water under the bridge now, I hope.



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