...which is originally what I was gonna post before finding out about Wada.

Anyway, the whygodwhy.org site it became after House of Badfic (the first post official GAFF board after the original shut down) went to piss is gone. Not that anyone bothered snarking fanfic anymore and even the news section dried up ages ago, but I guess it's an idea that is past its prime. There's not much that shocks many people in fan fiction anymore, and honestly? While there's more bad fan fiction out there, there's also a whole lot more good shit, too. AO3 seems to enjoy a higher quality than most places, and at the very minimum I haven't come across shipper related character bashing in any of the fics I've read there.

No point in lamenting the past....just be glad you were there to enjoy it.


Feb. 13th, 2015 11:23 pm
kari_izumi: (I approve)
When an idea that's been stuck in one's head (albeit off-and-on for seven years!) finally gets an outline written for it. Hooray! I almost don't even care that I have duty tomorrow and should've been to bed hours ago, now it's outta my head!

....I think I'll try this outline method for "Sixteen" as well, because that one was also my first baby I was proud of fanfic-wise, and I really hate leaving that one out there unfinished.


Dec. 28th, 2009 12:51 am
I can't believe how many hits this fic gets. I get at least two new people putting this on their favorites' list every week, and I just published this to FF.net three months ago. So far, I have thirty people who have faved this.

By contrast, the my next most popular fic got added to a faves' list twice a month, and that was when the fic was still active. In three years, that one's gotten 47 faves. I never, ever thought this would get that noticed, to say it was a one-off idea I had late one night! 

And since I'm on the subject of fic writing, and I 've have this thought for a while: ASDFGHJKL, why is Karin so hard to write for? I have to give props to [livejournal.com profile] adam_epp for being able to write seven chapters from her point of view in his fic, because boy is it hard to write something that is a bit too girlish for her nature or something that makes her come off as a Tsundere, which for all her tough attitude she really isn't.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!



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