First off, let me give a welcome to the new friends I've added recently in the last week (If I forgot to friend you back from the new meme, let me know. My mind's been a scattered mess lately, so it probably just slipped my mind).  I hope to have some more fun and light-hearted posts up in the next few days.

Secondly, as those of you who have kept up with [ profile] senkaimon know, my other computer recently crashed and I have barely had time to get out to the library. That's also not been the only thing going on.Personal stuff cut for lenght and possible TLDR )

So with that in mind, I'm asking if there is anyone on my F-list (or the comm, if you were directed from there) who would like to help run this contest. And by that, I mean actively co-run or possibly take over if in the event that I'm completely taken away from the computer. I'm looking for someone who is not currently taking part of the contest or have already been eliminated to leave my master list with in the event that I'm gone from my computer for longer than a week, and to send out emails/PMs if it's getting late in a round to ask what's up. I can made that person or people a maintainer so that if they need to post a voting thread in my absence, I'll still be able to read the screened comments (I'm pretty sure, right? I have no mod experience outside of this board!) to verify voting for myself.

I don't intend to just walk away unless I absolutely have to, but I really have to look after my health, and the days of late-night Web browsing are gonna have to be a thing of the past. I'll make an effort to get online in the mornings before work, but that isn't always possible,and I'm really trying to get this contest to run as smoothly as possible, because I really like the people I've come to find as a result of this contest.

Thank you all for being so understanding.



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