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I don't think there is anything I can add about this topic that hasn't been rehashed to death in the last few days. The damage done to America's soul will not be repaired any time soon.

But I wanted to make sure the few of you that still use LJ are feeling okay and extend virtual hugs to those that need them.

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Hehe. At the Target I work for, there's three of us at the Front Lanes who all have boxers. And we are all, like, nuts about them. My supervisior especially treats his like his baby. A few months ago, he showed us a picture of our boxer that looked like the splitting image of mine. Granted, boxiers (especially fawns like mine) look pretty similar, but this was like O_O. the other day, my boss took a picture of Roxie (my dog) with a spiked collar on, and texted it to his wife and she texted him back quite angrily asking what the hell did he put on their dog. XD

Anyway, he was visiting his friend that lives across the street from us when I took Roxie out for her walk, and he just so happened to have his boxer Raider with him. And OH WOW, did they look alike! I wish I had a picture to show the resemblance...they looked alike like Mikako and Miwako (or Rukia and Hisana  or Yami and Yuugi for the non-Ai Yazawa fluent amoung my Flist) do.

Then, being curious, I asked him where he got his dog from. Turns out he bought her from the same breeder we did, and they happen to have the same parents. XD TLDR; my dog met her sister today. Talk about a small world. I kind of did wonder that when I saw the photo of Raider months ago, but never thought they'd actually be related.

Ah, like sands through the hourglass....



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