Its more fun now that I get the format. I was hunting up memes from that new YuGiOh movie and got sucked in....the phone app blows, but eh, I can use the browser.

Also, why was I not onboard USS Prideship before now? Like, i legit missed all the subtext a decade ago regatding Kaiba and Yami but mostly Kaiba because everything in DSOD was like Hachi Komatsu from NANA-level of admiration and Beyonce's baby announcement level extra but OMG i loved it.

Anyone else on there?
I'm seriously effing excited for it, despite being out the fandom for a really long time. They've taken the Digimon Adventure Tri approach to the animation and just on the trailer alone looks frigging awesome. Plus, without giving too much away, thIs reignited the Kaiba fan girl in me and reminded me why I got into the fandom to begin with.

Also, Mokuba's character design is totes adorable.

Anyway. Suffice it to say it would have been the one movie I would've seen in theaters if I were still stationed in Japan, language barrier and insanely expensive tickets aside.

I have never done drabbles before the ten drabble meme hit Lj like whoa, and I had such fun writing them! I have three requests, plus two that came to me later, but figured I'd wait until I got these three done first.

Comments on the writing process )

TLDR, it be tiem 4 fics now, Y/Y?

Mai/Jou for margerydaw_s2 )

Seto/Mokuba for starsplinter )

Shunsui/Ukitake for ravens_rising )

And to end things on a light note:

Ichigo, the ever-worrying brother )

I still have six more requests to go, if anyone wants more :)

 Comments and critiques welcomed, before I repost these on other comms.
Hi, folks! ^_^

If you've discovered me via my posts at Fanfiction Rants, you no doubt know how seeing badly-written Mokuba fanfiction makes me all kinds of angry.

Those kinds of fics is why I wrote "Sixteen." The idea started when I came across a story at the 'Pit where Seto wasrealizing that in a short time, Mokuba would be eighteen. He misses the kid brother who adored him. Sadly, this fic fell into a bunch of cliches that is typical with Seto-Older Mokuba fiction after chapter six and by the last update, my head had exploded.


My fic almost went down that typical road of bad Mokuba fiction. But I enlisted the help of a fellow GAFFer who has helped so much with this story and now it'a lot better than it would have been.

So anyway, here it is. I am really proud of this story and I want this to be a really good coming of age fic, which is impossible to find for this character non-existant. Feedback is definately welcomed.

Title: Sixteen
Rating: Pg-13
Genre:General, Humor
Pairings: Nothing so far.

Chapter One )
Apologies for the change in font...I don't know how to edit font with LJ so that they can be more similar to each other.



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