Dec. 9th, 2009

kari_izumi: (OMG)
Me a few months ago:

"As The World Turns is getting saddled with one of the writers being blamed for stories that helped kill Guiding Light...and I suspect I'll be lamenting over that show's demise on Sept 17th, 2010."

O joy, I was right. :|

It's pretty telling when most of the fans online have reactions along the lines of "Well that's sucks, but we saw it coming" instead of being really upset. Even after the cancellation of the last Trek series, you had pages of fans and long-time bashers alike coming out the woodwork with some passion about this.

Admittedly, I can't say I'm that torn up about it's demise either. Aside from only following for four years. I don't have much sympathy for the head writers and producers whose talents would be better served wasting bandwidth at I do wish all the best for the cast, many of who have some great acting chops that didn't get used nearly as well as they could have been.

Le sigh. 54 years is a hell of a run, and there are countless familes that grew up on this show and watched it with their mothers and grandmothers. Not even Star Trek with its legion of obsessive passionate fans have united generations of families like soaps have with women.

*Is off to visit the ATWT comm*



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