...which is originally what I was gonna post before finding out about Wada.

Anyway, the whygodwhy.org site it became after House of Badfic (the first post official GAFF board after the original shut down) went to piss is gone. Not that anyone bothered snarking fanfic anymore and even the news section dried up ages ago, but I guess it's an idea that is past its prime. There's not much that shocks many people in fan fiction anymore, and honestly? While there's more bad fan fiction out there, there's also a whole lot more good shit, too. AO3 seems to enjoy a higher quality than most places, and at the very minimum I haven't come across shipper related character bashing in any of the fics I've read there.

No point in lamenting the past....just be glad you were there to enjoy it.


Feb. 10th, 2015 07:18 pm
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How have I NOT joined this place sooner?

FF.net's been my mainstay for posting fanfic since sophomore year of high school (!), but archiveofourown.org actually allows people to download stories to their phones and stuff. The layout is awesome sauce, allowing for multiple tags, multiple charcater/pairing options. You can even save a draft of a story withotu posting for up to 30 days--which is great, since I had one to post on Valentine's day and will be on duty and away from my house, so I can hit the "submit" button from a computer on the ship.

And also, I can frigging download those wonderful but long stories that I'll not want to sit up on a computer to read, such as The Roots of Heaven and that Winter War AU that's been the only fic still updated on [livejournal.com profile] kurosaki_clinic these days.

I assume most of you may have accounts over there, but if not, I can't recommend it enough, and will be more than happy to send invites!
Between this new filler arc and [personal profile] ravens_rising 's last post about wanting more AUs for her favorite pairing, I just got the BEST FUKKEN IDEA for a Bleach AU.

A Mirror Universe.
Hopefully, someone else with more free time could take this concept and run with it, 'cuase if Unohana scares the shit out of the 11th division now, can oyu imagine if she had the Shinigami equalievnt of the Agony Booth?

And of course, Byakuya would have a goatee, since he's the closest thing to a Vulcan character on this show. Actually, I think I do want THAt, at least :D


But seriously, I've just discovered Byakuya's my favorite character to write fo, which is wierd since he's not my fave character in the series. *is unsure*. Maybe I just like stoic characters, as a wrote tons of fic with Tuvok and T'Pol (Vulcan characters from Star Treks Voyager and Enterprise, respectively) when I was in those fandoms. In any case, it's a fic that came to mind months ago, and after some tweaking, I finally posted it, with [personal profile] ravens_rising 's help.

Anyway, info:
Title:The Talk
Pairings:Implied Ichigo/Rukia
Rating: PG-13 for hinted subject matter (Like you didn't know from the title! :P)
Characters: Our favorite Kuchiki siblings
Word Count: 1054
Summary: Byakuya gives his sister some valuable information.

Disclaimer: Bleach is not mine.

This was so much more amusing when Isshin Kurosaki did this.  )

X-posted to the usual places.
I have never done drabbles before the ten drabble meme hit Lj like whoa, and I had such fun writing them! I have three requests, plus two that came to me later, but figured I'd wait until I got these three done first.

Comments on the writing process )

TLDR, it be tiem 4 fics now, Y/Y?

Mai/Jou for margerydaw_s2 )

Seto/Mokuba for starsplinter )

Shunsui/Ukitake for ravens_rising )

And to end things on a light note:

Ichigo, the ever-worrying brother )

I still have six more requests to go, if anyone wants more :)

 Comments and critiques welcomed, before I repost these on other comms.

Wait, what?

Jun. 1st, 2009 11:18 pm
So apparently, no comms for Renji only exists. Seriously WTF, Bleach fandom?

(I wish I had a paid account, because my icons just don't cut it sometimes).

And since I've already posted something... )

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I really need to get new icons. I love all the ones I have, but 15 just aren't enough sometimes., especially when most of them are in a fandom I'm not so big in anymore. :( [profile]
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So some backstory on me, since I realize I've never talked much about myself in this journal: A long time ago, I was into Trek--mostly, the newer series Enterprise that aired on UPN and was cancelled after four seasons for low ratings. My first fanfics were on that series and Voyager--most of it stuff that I would snark on GAFF or [profile] badfic_quotes now if I'd not written it. The last one I  wrote was in 2004, and the last time I was a regualr poster at my main Trek board was early last year.

But all that in mind, I did have a random thought pop into mind a few days ago--in the 22 to 24th centuries where so many Star Trek series take place...could a Death Note kill a non-human, like a Vulcan or a Romulan? *is unsure* Vulcans and their 200 earth-year life spans would be a big power-up to any Shinigami, no?

 I remember reading somewhere that the author of the series had considered the idea of the Death Note taking many forms over the course of human history such as a scroll for ancient Japan, or something resembling the Old Testament in Medieval Europe. It isn't that much of a stretch to think that the rules could be amended to be a bit more inclusive, if need be, since with many non-humans moving in, there are that many moving out and all over the galaxy, and I doubt the Shinigami who are too lazy to write simple names in a book would be willing to fly out into space to kill humans.

God, I wish more Trek fans knew of this series. I think this is by far one of my better ideas for a Trek fanfic...moreso than the horrid Archer/T'Pol stuff I used to write.
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Not my comm, but since I seem to have quite a few fanfic writers on my F-list, I figure I'd help spread the news for the [profile] 10_crackfics comm I've just joined up with. A great excuse to write that crazy Bleach-Paradise kiss AU like I've always wanted :)
Okay, the real chapter two is here at ff.net (as well as Mediaminer, Ficwad, Freedom of Speech Fanfiction and a couple other smaller archives).

The point of this entry is to show people how a beta can truely make a difference to a story.

Soon after I wrote this...thing under the cut, I asked a friend of mine to take a look at the already published chapter one. Her review (number seven) pointed out a lot of things that needed work, not the least of which being the characterization of both Seto and Mokuba. Without my beta, this ficwoudl have fallen into the usual "OOC Wild Mokuba" cliches that I've grown to loathe. So, without further ado...

Hmm, let's count the cliches, everyone:
-Excusing bad characterization with arbitrary reasoning? Check.
-Mokuba sassing his brother? Check.
-Mokuba hitting well below the belt even if Seto/Shizuka has no business in this story to start with? Check.
-Neglectful!Seto? Check.
-Pointless romance? Yeppers.

In any event, the concerns the beta expressed certainly made me take a hard look at this fic and the direction, which took another three or four complete revisions to get what I eventually published. And even now, I still see thing that need fixing...but on the whole, I'm a lot less embarrassed by that than this (which is only seeing the light of day, because I need to make a rant on Fanfiction Rants about the need for betas and want to show people what a difference a beta truely makes.).

Enjoy...or not. I don't. :/
Hi, folks! ^_^

If you've discovered me via my posts at Fanfiction Rants, you no doubt know how seeing badly-written Mokuba fanfiction makes me all kinds of angry.

Those kinds of fics is why I wrote "Sixteen." The idea started when I came across a story at the 'Pit where Seto wasrealizing that in a short time, Mokuba would be eighteen. He misses the kid brother who adored him. Sadly, this fic fell into a bunch of cliches that is typical with Seto-Older Mokuba fiction after chapter six and by the last update, my head had exploded.


My fic almost went down that typical road of bad Mokuba fiction. But I enlisted the help of a fellow GAFFer who has helped so much with this story and now it'a lot better than it would have been.

So anyway, here it is. I am really proud of this story and I want this to be a really good coming of age fic, which is impossible to find for this character non-existant. Feedback is definately welcomed.

Title: Sixteen
Rating: Pg-13
Genre:General, Humor
Pairings: Nothing so far.

Chapter One )
Apologies for the change in font...I don't know how to edit font with LJ so that they can be more similar to each other.



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